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Food cravings during Pregnancy!!

 1. Ice: Pregnant women love to chew on ice. Those with anemia are more likely to be seen chewing on ice, since it can relieve inflammation of the mouth and tongue (a common symptom of anemia).

2. Chocolate: or anything sweet is something pregnant women can't get enough of. This could be because chocolate makes you happy, and since there's no drinking for pregnant women, chocolate is literally the next best thing!

Tip: you can satisfy your chocolate craving by drizzling low-fat chocolate syrup onto fresh fruit.

3. Spicy foods: Spicy foods are yet another common craving among pregnant women. It's because hot foods make the body sweat, which cools off the body. Add spices like turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cardamom etc

4. Pickles: Women who crave pickles could be low in sodium. Pickle cravings are nothing to be too concerned about. They're low in calories, easy to get and inexpensive.

5. Fruit (really?) You (and your body) want a healthy baby, so sometimes it needs extra-healthy foods to make sure that happens. Fruits, such as watermelons, are cool and refreshing, all while providing your body and baby with a boost of vitamin C.

6. Lemon: it's not unheard of to see a pregnant woman eating a straight lemon or adding a ton of it to their water. Pregnant women crave sour foods. Your taste buds change, and typically you like to "shock" them with super-sour or super-spicy foods.

7. Ice cream: Ice cream is sweet, it cools you off, and it's rich and creamy. For a healthier version, buy low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt, and top with fresh fruit.

8. Soda: If you've experienced or are experiencing morning sickness, then a fizzy, carbonated soda might be just what you need. Carbonation settles the stomach and may take away that queasy feeling you've had all day. If this is what your body asks for, try ginger ale or Sprite as healthier Sodas (only relatively)

9. Coffee: Coffee is commonly craved by pregnant women. Coffee makes you more alert and decreases headaches and depression but it can cause some serious food craving especially uf blood sugar levels are out of balance. DOn't go overboard with coffee though as it interferes with iron absorption in body. Instead drink herbal teas like green tea (only upto 2 cups in a day).

10. Sugary sweets: A craving for sweets and candy is one of the most commonly reported among pregnant women. This can sometimes be a sign of gestational diabetes, but most of the time it can be chalked up to hormonal changes that affect your scent and taste perception. Try eating fruit or having a glass of freshly squeezed juice to satisfy your craving — or just stick to one small piece of candy a day.

11. Salt: An increase in blood volume can change your dietary need for sodium. If salt is what you crave, then stick to the shaker — the sodium in processed foods can far exceed the needs of even a pregnant woman and often contain extra unsavory ingredients.

12. Nonedible food: If you're craving chalk, dirt or any other nonfood item, then go see your doctor. Pica — a condition in which one craves and eats nonfood items — can be very dangerous, especially if you give in to the craving. It's thought that pica can indicate an iron deficiency.

Ensure that the food cravings do not cause you to replace good food with junk food. Try not to miss breakfast as going without it may heighten your food cravings.

Got other cravings than these? We would love to hear. Share more with your comments!

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