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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Diet plan for lactation

So the baby is out and you are a relaxed mother. Really? Well, not really! Baby Care is as difficult as if not more than being pregnant. Amongst all the essential elements of caring for the little angel, key one is lactation. Since you are still the primary source of baby's food and nutrition, what food should a lactating mother have?

Food to avoid:

1) Too much spicy food

2) Strongly flavoured vegetable- cauliflower, cabbage if baby has colic

3) Alcohol, tobacoo

4) Chocolate if baby has colic

 Food allowed

1) All milk and milk products

2) Meat and meat products

3) All cereal and cereal products, mixture of wheat flour and chana flour in the ratio 4:1 is beneficial

4) Green leafy vegetables like spinach, bathua, methi leaves, mustard leaves, raddish leaves, and other vegetables like carrot, beetroot, beans, tomato, lotus stem

5) All seasonal fruits

6) Til and dry coconut laddoo, panjiri, Ajwain water for better milk secretion.

7) Plenty of fluids and water

 Daily Intake:

  • Milk: 3 glasses
  • Curd : 2 katori ( 200g)
  • Egg (1)/ chicken (50g)/ paneer (50g)
  • Pulses: 3 katori
  • Vegetable : 2 katori + salad
  • Cereal: as mentioned in the menu
  • Fruit :3-4 in number
  • Oil-7 tsp
  • Sugar- 6 tsp

Reference Meal Plan

Early morning:

  • tea/coffe (1 glass/ 1 cup)
  • Til/ coconut laddoo(1)/ biscuit


  • milk (1 glass)/ egg (1) +
  • cereal(1 bowl)+ cornflakes / vegetable daliya/ vegetable poha (1 bowl)/  vermicelli/2 slices of paneer + cucumber sandwich/ 2 chapati + 1 bowl vegetable
  • Fruit

 Mid morning:

  • Soup/ lassi/ milk/ juice/ lime juice/ coconut water+
  • Til laddoo/ panjiri/ coconut laddoo/ sprouts chat


  • Rice: 20 g (1 katori)
  • 1 bowl Salad
  • 2-3 chapati
  • 1 katori dal/ 100g non veg/ 50g paneer
  • Vegetable (1 katori)
  • Curd(1 bowl)
  • Fruit (1)

 Evening Snacks: 

  • 1 cup tea / milk
  • Besan chilla/ paneer sandwich/ sprouts(1 bowl)

 Late evening:

  • 1 fruit


  • 1 bowl Salad
  • 2-3 chapati
  • 1 katori dal/ 100g non veg/ 50g paneer
  • Vegetable (1-2 katori)
  • 1 bowl curd

 Bed time:

  • 1 glass milk + biscuit/ coconut laddoo




This diet plan is for reference purpose only and does not guarantee any specific results as the result of the diet mentioned here may vary from person to person. This diet plan is for informational purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.

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