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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Diet plan for gestational diabetes mellitus

Food prohibited:

Sugar, jam, jellies, jaggery, sugarcane, honey, glucose, all sweet products


Food to avoid:

1) Cereals like suji and maida and their products.

2) Root vegetable - potato, arbi, sweet potato, jimikand, beetroot

3) Fruits like mango, litchi, grapes, chickoo

4) Juices, squashes, aerated drinks, fried food


General instructions:

1) Intake of fluids like soup, lime water etc is good.

2) Foods high in fibre like salad, whole pulses and cereals, fruits with skin and seeds are beneficial

3) Be regular with your meal timings

4) Avoid fasting and feasting

5) Avoid artificial sweetner like saccharine, sweetex, equal etc

6) Walking is beneficial or as instructed by the doctor

7) If fasting blood sugar is about 120, avoid fruits

8) Supplementation of wheat flour with chana flour in the ratio 4:1 is beneficial.



Once in a while instead of chapati following things can be included in the diet:

Rice-50g (preferably brown rice) or

Suji - 50g or

Dosa or idli- 2 in number


Daily allowance:

Milk: 2 and a half glass (500ml)

Curd : 2 katori ( 200g)

Egg (1)/ chicken (100g)/ paneer (50g)

Pulses: 2 and a half katori (75 g)

Vegetable: 2 katori

Cereal: as mentioned in the menu

Fruit: Upto 100 g

Oil: 3-4 tsp


Daily menu:

Early morning:            Tea/coffee/ lime water (without sugar) + 2 biscuit


Breakfast:                    Milk (1 glass)/ egg (1) +

Vegetable sandwich (2) / vegetable daliya/ vegetable poha (1 bowl)/ besan chilla(1)/ 2 chapati + 1 bowl vegetable


Mid morning:              Soup/ lassi(without sugar)/ milk+

Roasted chana/ sprouts(1 bowl) / sandwich (1)


Lunch:                         1 bowl Salad + 2-3 chapati

1 katori dal/ 100g non veg/ 50g paneer + Vegetable (1 katori)

Evening:                      1 cup tea/ coffee/ milk ( without sugar)

Marie biscuit (2-3) / vegetable sandwich(1)/ popcorn/ sprouts(1 bowl)/ veg poha/ veg upma


Late evening:              1 fruit


Dinner:                        1 bowl Salad + 2-3 chapati

1 katori dal/ 100g non veg/ 50g paneer

Vegetable (1-2 katori)


Bed time:                    1 glass milk without sugar




This diet plan is for reference purpose only and does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the diet mentioned here may vary from person to person. This diet plan is for informational purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.

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