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Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Standard delivery time 7-10 days

Delivery package at Cloudnine - Gurgaon


2 centers - Sector 47 and Sector 56, Gurgaon.

About Cloudnine

Cloudnine is India’s leading woman and child care chain, with a world-class speciality quiver composed of maternity, gynaecology, fertility, neonatal intensive care and paediatrics. Cloudnine is a coveted maternity hospital in Gurgaon, with services thoughtfully crafted in chronology, from menarche to menopause.

Key Doctors

Dr. Meenakshi Sauhta, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology, DGO Gynecologist, Infertility Specialist

Dr. Shalu Gupta - MS (OBGYN), DNB, MNAMS, FNB (Rep. Med)

Dr. Witty Raina - MBBS, MD, MRCOG

Facilities available


Paediatric ICU

4D Foetal Medicine

Fertility Treatment

Stemcell partnership with Cryoviva

Stretch Mark Therapy

Complete Maternity Packages

Cashless Insurance facility and Tie-ups

Birthing Packages

Luxury Package: It includes consultations, nutrition and physiotherapy sessions, lactation counseling, basic delivery charges, planned diet for the mother, basic baby test charges, Ante-Natal classes etc. They come in Silver, Gold and Premium Variety

Signature Package: It covers all major requirements of mother and baby, starting in the second trimester. Everything such as consultations, major scans, educational sessions such as Lamaze, Antenatal classes, lactation counseling, nutritional and physiotherapy sessions, delivery charges, standard lab investigations, baby test charges etc. Also included is 'Care at Home' which is a home support program and other surprises such as massage for expecting mothers etc.

Additional perks are provided in case of confirmation by 6th month.

Contact Details


CALL US : 1860 108 9999

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For detailed costing information in Normal and C-section delivery, share your details and we will send the necessary details. You may send us your request at support@wonderhood.in

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