wonderlearn pre school learning solution

Complete Pre-school learning

From the safety of your home


✔ Your child's first learning Partner

✔ For all-round engagement @ Home

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Multi Sensory


Reusable and Reinforcing

Structured learning from the safety of your home

Engage them in high quality teacher student sessions

wonderlearn digital is better screen time

Get a perfect balance of toys, learning and screen-time

Nurture the wonder, Nourish the learning

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Key Pillars of Early Learning 

What's in store for you?

For Kids

  • Aligned to established learning curriculum
  • Play-first, toys-led learning facilitated by teachers online
  • Teacher-student and peer-to-peer interaction
  • All-in-one learning kit delivered at your home every month
  • Access to educational toys, puzzles, story books, activity sheets, etc.
  • Unlimited audio-visual fun digital games

For Parents

  • Credible learning partner to engage your child
  • No more spending time selecting the right fun activities
  • Easily accessible, reusable and most practical learning solutions
  • 1:1 interaction with teachers for daily/weekly child-report 
  • Comprehensive kit designed for the best home learning experience
  • Customize the plan as per your need

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